We are a Transitional Kindergarten program that focuses on easing the transition from preschool to elementary school.  

Through small group settings, we are able to develop a solid foundation by teaching the whole child (academic, social, and emotional).  Our unique and engaging curriculum encourages innovation, collaboration, and imagination.  

Upon completion, students are academically, socially, and emotionally ready to transition into elementary school.

Jr. Kindergarten
(4 yrs old)


Our Jr. Kindergarten program is where we begin creating the building blocks to prepare your child for kindergarten.  Children learn through play, engaging in multiple fine and gross motor activities.  Fine motor development is key in preparing your child for writing.

Our Pre-K teachers work closely with our K-5 staff to ensure readiness and a seamless transition into our kindergarten program.  Our Jr. Kindergarten students have the option to add-on specials to their school day.

(5 yrs +)


Kindergarten can be a challenging transition from preschool, for both the parent and the child.  We work together to ensure we are meeting each student's needs and maximizing their learning potential.   By keeping our classroom sizes smaller than the average kindergarten class, we are able to provide individual attention and create an environment where your child is excited to learn!  


Smaller classroom sizes also help ease the anxiety most students experience when transitioning from preschool to kindergarten.




We have several specials INCLUDED with the cost of kindergarten tuition.  

Specials include:










   Cooking classes

   and more......

Jr. Kindergarten students have the option to add-on specials to their school day. 


(rising Kinder and Jr. Kinder)


Our summer program helps students retain the knowledge they've learned throughout the school year.  Not only is it fun, but we focus on making sure your child has developed the skills needed before entering the next school year.