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is undergoing Accreditation 

Bethany Lutheran is currently undergoing the accreditation process through the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod).  

 LCMS is an authorized association member

of the VCPE

(Virginia Council for Private Education) .

What does this mean for your family?

Accreditation is a lengthy process that requires Bethany Lutheran to meet high standards provides several benefits to our students, families, and teachers.  

Bethany Lutheran school accreditation will be recognized by the Virginia State Board of Education. 


Your student will receive accreditation credit now.

All currently enrolled BLPS students will receive credit as attending a VCPE accredited school, while we undergo the process.

Peace of mind for your future plans.

Accreditation gives BLPS students the ability to transfer into all Virginia public schools on grade level. 

We are on a mission to exceed state standards.

Our LCMS accreditation committee conducts an in depth look at our schools curriculum; ensuring that we provide a Christian education that meets Virginia state learning standards and goals.

Keeping our standards high.

The accreditation renewal process conducts mandatory reviews of our facility, staff, and curriculum guaranteeing we remain consistent with our high standards of education.  

Included benefits:
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